Copywriting FAQ

What is the difference between copywriting and copyrighting?
Mainly, the spelling. You will also find that copywriting has more to do with writing effective ad and marketing copy than copyrighting, which has something to do with legally protecting works of authorship blah blah boring!

What's with the subtle scenery in this website's page headers?
Bold Copy's Mike Spanjar took these photos around the city of Milwaukee, almost all while bike riding. As a Milwaukee-based company, we like to share our pride for this great city.

Does Bold Copy provide exceptional copy or the cheap stuff my English-major-coworker wrote for our last brochure?
We provide only the good stuff. But please don't hurt your coworker's feelings. Next time you need an interoffice sign regarding the new break policy or keeping one another's mitts off other people's food in the fridge, empower that employee.

Your copy breaks a lot of grammar rules my coworker learned in college.
Form of a question, please.

Er, is it okay that your copy breaks a lot of grammar rules my coworker learned in college?
Absolutely. Let's consider a few examples. Can a sentence be one word? Yes. And, it's perfectly acceptable to begin a sentence with the word "and." Ending a sentence with a preposition is a popular practice most writers have become fond of.

Is it true Mike Spanjar once killed a bear using only a Bic pen?
Where did you hear that?

Did you know Bold Copy is a double entendre?
No, but that's interesting. We never noticed it.


Still yes.

I saw a website offering copywriting for $1 per page. Can you compete with that?
No. That's a phenomenal deal. Everybody loves a good bargain. Go for it.

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