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What do we do 80 percent of the time? We write copy. Mike and his writers use American English and are only too happy to correct your grammar while you're just trying to have a good time at the party. The other 20 percent consists of everything else, including eating, sleeping and checking our Facebook.

Obnoxiously good grammar aside, we believe in telling the great, American story. YOURS. Every company has a brand and a voice. They must be authentic, and the words we use to define and express them must lead to significant, measurable results for our clients. YOU. Because without results, we may as well write fiction.


A creative process best described as sequestering oneself to a padded room, peering into the future and giving birth.

Concepting allows the creative team to explore various executions and consider the impact and relevance of each one before presenting them to a client for consideration. It's brainstorming on steroids.

Some people spend five or so minutes "thinking about it" and believe they have fulfilled the concepting stage. Others study the creative brief, dig through the competitors' secrets, scribble endless notes on thick pads of paper, recall something funny that starts a conversation completely off point, get real serious, remember a little silliness helps, resort to a few tactics they're not proud of and eventually stumble upon two or three examples of accidental, extraordinary brilliance that will make the client's job of choosing just one next to impossible.

Guess which type of people we are.


How expensive is the word "oops"?

The wrong phone number on 2,500 brochures. The wrong event date in an e-blast. Misspelling a brand name. Costly? You bet. Worse, mistakes destroy credibility.

That's why we proof what we produce. We check every project for accuracy, adhering to AP Style for consistency.

Our extensive proofing process consists of four steps: a read through, a separate check of information like phone numbers, electronic spell check and reading in reverse to catch things like "the the" that can be missed when reading forward. If we believed it would help, we'd look under the lobby couch cushions for mistakes. At our client's request, we will run the text through a second proofreader.




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