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Five Reasons You Will Win With Headlines Like This

1) People in our culture have less time to read articles. By telling the reader there are just five of something (or three, or four, or seven or ten), the rube (or valued prospect) believes it will be a quick read.

2) The average person has seen many such promises before and is conditioned to fall for them again and again.

3) I only know four reasons, so read on.

4) A numbered list creates mystery. The reader wonders: What could those "Five Reasons" be? Could one of them be ice cream?

5) The number of items is manageable, like the steps one takes to turn on a light or vote.

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5 Reasons You Will Win With Headlines Like This

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Some people will jump from an airplane to experience a rush. To them I would say, "Next time you want a thrill, type the phrase "Mega-awesome adrenaline rush" and then bold the word "awesome."