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Milwaukee freelance copywriter seeds his site with copywriting key phrases and keywords

Freelance copywriters in Milwaukee often create verbose SEO keyword and key phrase freelancer pages to try to boost their copy writer search ranking. It's a search engine optimization tragic sign of where this industry has gone terribly astray. Marketing.

Before I continue, did you know that common misspellings of copywriting include coypwriting, copywrting, copyrighting and gwdtrsphny?

Writing for advertising used to be a high art practiced by revered writers ... Ogilvy ... Burnett ... Bernbach ... Caples ... Bencivenga. They wrote with pencils, pens, typewriters, word processors and other tools that could assist in getting this article to the top of the search engines. If you cut these men, they would bleed red ink because they spent endless nights proofreading (or proof reading).

SEO none of them would ever stoop to freelancing (some people spell it free-lancing) as a soulless keyword generator, forcing out nonsensical copywriter Milwaukee SEO paragraphs until he hit some magical word count. Nor would yours truly an ad writer who generates top results for you!

Your graphic designer, Web designer, production designer, graphic artist, kittens, janitor, cute babies, creative director, marketing director, account exec, CEO, VP and manager can try to create effective copy, but creative copy comes from a creative writer (or creativewriter ... hey, it's possible).

You have the power to choose who writes your effective marketing results SEO brochure landing page flier blog social media copy website (website is one word, believe me, so if you're using web site or web-site, stop it), so choose wisely. Choose the high road. Choose Bold Copy. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ... east of Brookfield, Waukesha and Minneapolis; north of Racine, Kenosha, and Chicago; south of Green Bay and Detroit; west of Lake Michigan.

Now, we just sit back and wait for that number one spot.

Bold Copy LLC
2129 W. Kendall Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53209
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